Sunday, March 19, 2006

Here I am trying to update my profile, and my darned Mother (as lovely as she is) keeps creepin' round the place!! Sideways glances at what i'm doing on here. She thought that maybe we should put my profile on with her picture, I told her that would be false advertising :-) Well...I hear this is getting to be a popular way to meet people, so I thought why not give it ago. I'm not so good at meeting people because I can be a little shy at first, definitely not one to approach people. This may make it a bit easier for me.

I'm medium height, curly light hair, hazel eyes and fairly active person. I enjoy acting, arts, talking, cooking, having fun, shopping, writing and spiritual persuits. I paint when I can, I have other commitments,. I'm down to earth but up in the air sometimes with goals I ahve which will eventuate one day. I like poelp have time for those who are genuine and kind hearted. Just wanting to meet others with similiar outlooks really. Have fun and be happy.