Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Um, well i am a really nice babe. i have a real interest in people and lust to meet new people. i am spontaneous, great and really good company. i am a several parent and have a couple children that are the the best fair of my life. i dudey full-time at university and lust what i am dudeying. i lust a challenge and am hungry for knowledge.

Hi there, i am an intelligent, independant lady involved in the health industry. i adore dancing and music and enjoy a real good laugh. i'm fit, active, and teenage at heart and lust all the usual things with boating, the country, the mountains, picnics, 'doing lunch', wining and dining (lust a good red), good conversation, the movies, theatre, concerts, the outdoors, the brightlights, travel, walking, talking, cuddling, and revealing affection freely. i lived in japan for some time, and travel is always high on my list.
I am not a fairy god mother so if you have a broken heart, need someone to fix you or make your life complete look elsewhere. i am not hanging out for prince charming either, although charming might be a nice characteristic. if u have found a glass slipper it is not mine, good luck with it. i am however a real person with heaps of great traits (read some of the 'nice' babe profiles using words like honesty, integrity, caring, great... and just ditto for me. lol), and would lust to enjoy some quality time with a like minded boy.